Transcription regulation

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1. When lactose is added to the cell's surroundings, the lac repressor is inactivated and ___________

  • Transcription of the lac enzymes can go ahead
  • Transcription of the lac enzymes is silenced
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2. Binding with a regulatory protein is required to turn transcription on

  • Positive regulation
  • Negative regulation

3. The trp repressor binds to the _________ and blocks the RNA polymerase from attaching to the promoter

  • Operator
  • Regulatory gene
  • Structural gene Y

4. The inducer of the lac repressor is

  • Allolactose (lactose isomer)
  • Beta Galactosidase

5. When an inducer binds to the lac repressor _____________

  • Inactivation of the repressor so it can no longer bind to the operon
  • Activation of the repressor so it can bind to the operon


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