Transcription regulation

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1. When an inducer binds to the lac repressor _____________

  • Inactivation of the repressor so it can no longer bind to the operon
  • Activation of the repressor so it can bind to the operon
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2. Transcription is terminated by the termination sequence

  • True
  • False

3. Transcription and translation are coupled together in _________

  • Prokaryotes
  • Eukaryotes

4. In ___________ the default is 'on', an aporepressor binds with it's co repressor and can then bind to the DNA and stop transcription

  • Repressible transcription
  • Inducible transcripiton

5. The trp repressor is the protein product of the _________ and is synthesised inactive

  • Regulatory gene
  • Promoter


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