Training and Rewards


1. Which of the following would NOT be included as part of induction training

  • Dress code
  • Health and Safety & Fire Drill
  • Company History, values and vision
  • Team building Exercises
  • Tour of the business
  • Structure of the organisation
  • How to take a sicky from work
  • Meet the staff
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2. In-house training is .....

  • Training at home
  • Training that normally happens in the workplace
  • Training in a house

3. Off-the-job training is ....

  • Training for another job
  • Training that takes employees away from their normal workplace
  • Training when not at work

4. Advantages of off-the-job training

  • Experts can be used
  • Travel costs can make it expensive
  • While being trained the employee is not productive

5. Induction Training is

  • Training for staff who are leaving
  • Training for new staff that must include health and safety
  • Training for retired employees


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