trade vs aid

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how many LDCs havent shared in the growth of world trade?
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how much does the G8 dominate world trade?
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what barriers to trade are there?
MEDC protection of agriculture and trade blocs
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example of bilateral aid
UK funding hydroelectric plants in Brazil
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example of untied aid
recipient country chooses its own priorities e/g HIV/Aids and uses aid
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example of tied aid
70% of the aid USA gives is spent by the recipient countries on american goods&services
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when did uganda accept loans from the IMF?
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what did it agree to?
conditins as part of SAPs which involved re-scheduling loans to make them more affordable
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what did this involve?
trade liberalisaton, reducing import tariffs and export taxes
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what % ugandans earn a living through farming?
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what happened to coffee exports?
international crash of coffee prices in 1990s
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what is the EPA?
economic partnership agreement
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what is this?
a set of trade rules between EU, Africa and Carribbean/Pacific countries
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what does this agreement mean?
uganda must remove its import duties and subsidies to gain access to EU markets
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example of success to trade
bangladesh, uk imports reach £600million, readymade garments which enioy tariff free access to EU
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how much of GDP did garment sector account for?
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example of failed trade
zambia, exports single copper commodity, unfair competition with foreign sophisticated tech
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what has this resulted in?
undermining of local production&growth, local industry is unable to compete favourably
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aid success
ethiopia, aid directed at mothers for ante/post natal services and immunisation for infants
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what else has been established?
non-formal education centres
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failed aid
africa, $1 trillion yet more than 50% population live on less tha $1 a day
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what is the evidence?
aid to africa has made the poor poorer, still paying debt repayments
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how much does the G8 dominate world trade?



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what barriers to trade are there?


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example of bilateral aid


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example of untied aid


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