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2. Which of these is incorrect about Lead?

  • Symptoms: abdominal pain, nausea, motor nerve dysfunction
  • Sources:Food, tap water from pb pipes, feul
  • treatment: removing chelating agents by adding antagnoists eg.ZN, Fe, Ca
  • Pathophysiology: strong interaction with SH groups, replacing other transition metals, decrease in red blood cells viability

3. Toxic metals has many molecular mechanisms that are harmful which these is not a mechanism?

  • Allowing an essential metal ion bind to a protien
  • Influencing metabolic routes and allowing multiplication of toxic radicals
  • By changing the cytoskeleton structure or effecting enzyme activity
  • Changing the structure and function of membranes, increasing the toxicity of xenobiotics

4. Which of these statements is incorrect about alcohol intoxication?

  • 90% of ethanol is oxidised in the liver by alcohol dehydrogenase
  • Ethyleneglycol - which is used for antifreezing/sweet taste.
  • Glycolic acid causes causes renal failure and oxalic acid metabolic acidosis
  • Methanol causes metabolic acidosis and brain damage

5. Which metal ion does EDTA tend to form a ligand with?

  • Ca2+, Pb2+
  • Fe3+, Al3+
  • Cu2+, Hg2+


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