Toxicity of elements

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1. Which of these non metals is showing the wrong info?

  • Sulphur forms H2S blocks enzymes containing heavy metal ion,
  • sulphur forms hydroxyl radical which causes cough/tears. caused industrial pollution
  • Nitrogen forms NO2- forms nitrosamines, causes oxidation of iron in heamoglobin, carcinoginc. Formation inhited by vit C and E
  • Carbon which forms CO,HCN, KCN inhibits the ctochrome oxidase by binding to FE2+
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2. Which metal ion does EDTA tend to form a ligand with?

  • Ca2+, Pb2+
  • Fe3+, Al3+
  • Cu2+, Hg2+

3. Which coordinate ion does BAL not prefer to form a ligand with?

  • ,As3+, Sb3+ Ni2+
  • Fe3+, Al3+, Ca2+
  • Hg2+,As3+, Sb3+

4. Which of these is the elimination of the products from the body?

  • Urine, Bile
  • Diet, air
  • Occupational
  • Sweat, air

5. Which of these elements resemble K+?

  • Se (and essential element) causes blocking of dehydrogenases
  • Ti - degeneration of all cell types, including neuronal damage
  • As (AsH3 or As2O3) binds to S-H in enzymes
  • Mn (EE) increased excitability of CNS


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