Tourism Case studies

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How many people visit the Lake District per year?>
15 million
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what are 3 main reasons for high tourist numbers?
scenery, culture/history, activities
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What scenery is there?
Lake Windermere and Scaffel Pike
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What culture is there?
Wordsworth and Beatrix Potter museums
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How are traffic issues being managed?
'give the driver a break' campaign, discounts with public transport tickets in cafes, improved public transport
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how are wildlife damage issues being managed?
signs reminding visitors to uses covered litter bins, campaigns to increase reponsible enjoyment eg dogs on leads
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what do they aim to do?
increase numbers by 2 million by 2018 and increase spending from 1.1 billion to 1.5 billion
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how are more people being brought in?
more advertisement, farms offer activities like clay pigeon shooting, timeshare develpments brings people in all year round
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What other areas ouside the lake district are being redeveloped to increase visitor numbers?
White Haven port
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Describe the decline and decay of Blackpool
25% hotel occupency rates, 1000 hotels closed, 300 holiday flats closed, numbers dropped from 17 to 11 million
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what is the mass tourism case study?
Kenya, East Africa, 700000 visits per year
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what are 2 positive economic impacts?
15% Kenya's economy, in 2003 219000 employed by tourism
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how many national parks does Kenya have?
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what's anegative economic impact?
15% goes to locals whilst rest to big companies
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in what 3 ways is tourism maintained?
'magical kenya' campaign launched in russia, 8million spent to improve accesability to national parks like2 airstrips, visa fees half price and sccrapped for under 16s
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what is the case study for an extreme environment?
Antarctice, over 2years numbers increased to 35 million in 2008
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what are 2 protection strategies?
IAATO, ANtarctic treaty
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what are 3 main reasons for high tourist numbers?


scenery, culture/history, activities

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What scenery is there?


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What culture is there?


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How are traffic issues being managed?


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