Tort exam

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1. what is legal causation made up of?

  • the but for test laid out in barnett v chelsea and kengsinton hospital
  • remoteness and intervening act
  • remoteness and supervining act
  • remoteness and forseeability
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2. who created the neighbour principle

  • Straughton LJ in sion v hampsted health
  • Lord Atkin in Grant v Australian knitting mills
  • Lord Atkin in donohue v stevenson
  • Straughton LJ in donohue v stevenson

3. what are the two types of private nuisance

  • physical damage and emenating damage
  • physcial damage and loss of view
  • amenity nusience and physical damage
  • amenity nusience

4. which is in the right order

  • donohue and stevenson, anns, caparo
  • donohue and stevenson, anns, precedent, caparo
  • Donohue and stevenson, anns, caparo, precedent
  • Anns, donohuge and stevenson, Caparo, precedent

5. who set out the test for rylands v fletcher

  • Straughton LJ
  • Justice blackburn
  • Lord atkin
  • lord wright


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