Tort exam

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1. what was claimed apparently happened in yousopoff v mgm

  • a princess had a relationship with Russian Rasputin
  • a princess was ***** by a german
  • a princess was ***** by russian Rasputin
  • Rasputin killed his mother
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2. which occupiers liability act covers unlawful visitors

  • 1984
  • 1957

3. where was the case of Osterland v Hill decided?

  • America
  • New Zealand
  • England
  • Australia

4. how soon do you have to bring a claim for the fatal accidents act

  • within 12 months
  • within 6 months
  • within 18 months
  • within a reasonable lapse of time

5. why might you not bring a claim in trespass to the person

  • you won't succeed in a civil claim
  • it uses your own time and the criminal law doesn't cover it
  • its costly, uses your own time and the criminal law will do its own justice
  • its costly, uses your own time and you can't be bothered


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