Topic 6 - Type of religious organisation

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1. What characteristics do Cults have?

  • Hostile, small and conservative
  • Small, individualistic and weak commitment
  • Massive, exclusive and demanding
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2. Run by a bureaucratic hierachy of priests, more attractive to higher class, ideologically conservative and hold monopoly of the truth. I am a ......

  • Church
  • Islam
  • Sect
  • Denomination

3. What does Roy Wallis identify as a key difference between Churches/Sects and Denomination/Cults? They way in which they are

  • Run charity events
  • Regarded by society
  • Regarded in history

4. Who defines denominations to be lying between a sect and a Church?

  • Niebuhr
  • Stark and Bainbridge
  • Herberg

5. What do Stark and Bainbridge say Sects result from?

  • Schisms
  • Religion
  • Big Bang
  • Science


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