Topic 6 - Type of religious organisation

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1. What are the catergories in which Wallis places NRMs? World-rejecting, world-...... and world-.......

  • Accommodating and affirming
  • Defying and accepting
  • Avoiding and accomodating
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2. Out of the types of organisation, Cults are the least .....

  • Expensive
  • Organised
  • Welcoming

3. What benefits do cults offer that contrast to sects?

  • Monetary
  • This-worldly
  • Individualistic
  • Other-worldly

4. What are the three types of cult?

  • Audience, Client and Cultic
  • Audience, theatrical and Cultic
  • Client, Relative and Audience

5. What does Roy Wallis identify as a key difference between Churches/Sects and Denomination/Cults? They way in which they are

  • Run charity events
  • Regarded by society
  • Regarded in history


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