Topic 4- species and biodiversity and NS and E

What is species richnesS?
The number of different species within an area of known size at a particular time
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What is Genetic diversity?
The genetic variation within a species
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What is a gene?
Codes for characteristics
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What is an alle?
alternative forms of a gene
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What is a gene pool?
The total number of genes a species has
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What is endemism?
Where a species is found in only one area
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What is molecular phylogeny?
Compares the structure of a particular molecule from different organisms to discover their degree of evolutionary relatedness
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What are the free domains?
Archaea, bacteria and eukaryotic
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What are two other ways of presenting information?
At a conference or using the internet
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What do scientists check in a peer review?
The evidence is correct and accurate, and the conclusions drawn are sensible
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What is a niche?
It is the way a species exploits its environment
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What happens if two different species are in the same niche at the same time?
there will be competition and one will out compete the other so that the better adapted survive
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What is an anatomical adaptation?
A physical structural- it may be external or internal
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What is behavioural adaptation?
A change in the behaviour of an organism to increase its survival chances
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What is a physiological adaptation?
Changes in the internal biochemical functionning of the organism in response to an altered environmental stimuli
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What is natural selection?
The survival of indiviuals in a population because they have alleles that improve their chances of survival and reproduction
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What is evolution?
the change in the frequeny of certain alleles in a gene pool over time due to natural selection
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What is Genetic diversity?


The genetic variation within a species

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What is a gene?


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What is an alle?


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What is a gene pool?


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