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1. What is a disadvantage of booking tickets online?

  • Find out about the resort before you go
  • People can hack into the site and see that you're away so they can burgle your house
  • Don't have to pay the travel agent
  • More time to look for holidays than when you're at a travel agent
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2. What is an advantage of booking tickets online?

  • Not everyone has internet access
  • Can change dates easier
  • The rollover menus are easier to see
  • Your credit card details might not be safe

3. What is an advantage for the store of online shopping?

  • Cheaper to keep in contact with the customers because you can email them
  • Not everyone has access to the internet
  • Staff in traditional shops lost their jobs so redundancy payments are made
  • Postage charges can put people off

4. What is a disadvantage of online shopping for the store?

  • Specialist ICT knowledge is needed to set up the site
  • You can buy from the comfort of you home
  • Loss of the social pleasure of shopping
  • There is a worldwide market

5. What is an advantage for the customer of online shopping?

  • Goods can be delivered straight to your home
  • Don't need to work long hours
  • It can be a hassle returning goods
  • Less shoplifting


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