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2. What is online shopping?

  • Purchasing goods and services using the internet
  • Buying clothes in store
  • Designing a poster online
  • Using cash to pay for goods

3. What is a disadvantage of online shopping for the store?

  • Loss of the social pleasure of shopping
  • There is a worldwide market
  • Specialist ICT knowledge is needed to set up the site
  • You can buy from the comfort of you home

4. What do you need to check when booking tickets?

  • Your mobile number
  • The passport numbers typed match those on the passport
  • The website
  • You are responsible for your verification

5. What is an advantage for the customer of online shopping?

  • Don't need to work long hours
  • It can be a hassle returning goods
  • Goods can be delivered straight to your home
  • Less shoplifting


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