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1. Which of these does a clinical psychologist do?

  • Focus on treatment of psychological disorders.
  • Use principles and psychological theories to work with the justice system
  • Work with children and young people in a range of settings.
  • Provide advice and/or guidance on a range of work-related issues.
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2. A Health psychologist...

  • works in hospitals and community health centres focusing on the cause of health and illness.
  • treats psychological disorders.
  • works with those who are terminally ill building towards more positive attitudes.
  • aims to change the beliefs of those in the environment which surrounds them.

3. Why is it important to evaluate everything that you read in psychology?

  • The research has often been disproved or challenged.
  • Often what you read is bias and misleading.
  • You cannot trust all conclusions that psychologists draw.
  • The research is not always applicable to every situation.

4. Which of these is not a definition of psychology.

  • 'the science of mind, behaviour and experience.'
  • 'the scientific approach to a matter of behaviour, mental processes and experience.'
  • 'the science of mental life, both of its phenomena and of their conditions.'
  • 'the scientific study of behaviour and mental processes.'

5. Psychology is concerned with...

  • encouraging people to reflect on their own behaviour in order to change it.
  • understanding the experience and behaviour of humans and what makes them tick.
  • reflecting on differing behaviours of human beings.
  • understanding the mindset of humans and why they behave in certain ways.


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