Topic 1-3 Quiz inspired from the text book.

Topics One, Two and Three in a series of question inspired by Essential ICT for WJEC. They'e my own questions so they may not always be clear but I'll try. I am doing this to help revise for my retake in the AS exam as I want to gain an A grade in A-level ICT overall.

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1. What is Information?

  • Data that has been processed to give meaning.
  • A glossary about the data.
  • A group of data used to make decisions.
  • Data which has been made to look pretty.
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2. What is the problem with value judgements?

  • Judgement on the information given.
  • Deleting values that seem worthless.
  • Judgements based the opinion of the person entering the data.
  • Judgement based on the code given.

3. Which way is not a valid way that data arises?

  • Automatically taken environmental measurments.
  • Business transaction.
  • Writing down random figures.
  • Output from a management information system.
  • Results from an experiment.
  • Results from a survey.

4. What is data?

  • A single value.
  • A series of facts and figures.
  • Processed facts and figures to give meaning.
  • A code that is inputted into a system.

5. What does coarsens precision mean?

  • Encoded data is less accurate than the orginal data.
  • Encoded data is more accurate than the orginal data.
  • Encoded data is put into a drop down menu to stop spelling mistakes.
  • Valuable data is highlighted before it is entered into the system.


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