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2. What is a functional group?

  • The columns of the periodic table
  • A group of atoms or an atom which give a compound distinctive properties
  • A family of molecules that all have a homologous series attatched
  • The -COOH in an alcohol , for example

3. Which of these halogenalkanes would form a precipitate first when aqeous silver nitrate is added?

  • 2-fluroethane
  • 2-iodo-3,3-dimethylheptane
  • 2-iodo-2-methylpropane
  • 1-chlorobutane

4. Propan-2-ol and Propan-1-ol are ____ isomers

  • Functional group
  • Position
  • Chain
  • Geometric

5. Why is 2-Bromopropane the major product of the reaction of propene and HBr?

  • It is not, the products are equally likely as propene is symmetrical
  • There is less steric hinderance for the reaction compared to 1-Bromopropane
  • Because the intermediary carbocation is more stable (the charge is spread over more atoms)
  • The H will attack where there are fewer H's already


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