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2. What is the product of a halogenalkane reacting with KOH under ethanolic conditions?

  • A salt and water
  • An alcohol and KX (subsitution)
  • An alkene, water and KX (elimination)
  • An alcohol with a halogen group (addition)

3. Propan-2-ol and Propan-1-ol are ____ isomers

  • Functional group
  • Geometric
  • Position
  • Chain

4. What is the C=C bond attacked by in addition reactions?

  • An electrophile, such as H (d+)
  • A nucleophile, such as Cl (d-)
  • A base, such as OH-
  • A nucleophile such as H (d+)

5. Momomers are...

  • Alkenes with only one C=C double bond
  • The alkenes that form a polymer
  • The singular repeat units that form a polymer (after the double bond has been broken)
  • Alkanes that form polymers by addition reactions


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