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2. Group 1(Represented by X) decomposition of the nitrates is.... (except Li)

  • 2XNO3 --> NO2 + XNO2
  • 2XNO3 --> 2XNO2 + O2
  • 4XNO3 --> 2X2O + 4NO2 + O2
  • 2X(NO3)2 --> 2XO + 4NO2 + O2

3. What is the definition of the first ionisation energy?

  • The energy required to remove an electron from each atom in one mole of gaseous atoms
  • The energy required to form an ion from one mole of atoms under standard conditions (100kPa and 298k)
  • The energy required to remove an electron from an atom
  • The energy required for one mole of atoms to attract one electron each in the gaseous state

4. What does Mg form on reaction with steam?

  • MgOH + H2
  • MgO (s) + H2 (g)
  • It doesn't react as it is the least reactive of the group.
  • Mg(OH)2

5. What's a common test for the Hydrogen Halides?

  • Reacts with ammonia gas to form a dense white smoke of ammonium halide
  • Turns Fehling's solution red
  • Turns damp red litmus blue, then beaches it white
  • Form a white precipitate of Barium Halide when Barium Nitrate is added to a solution


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