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2. Which of the following reactions could happen?

  • I2 + MgF2 --> F2 + MgI2
  • At2 + 2Cl- --> 2At- + Cl2
  • Cl2 + 2NaBr --> 2NaCl + Br2
  • Br2 + 2KCl --> 2KBr + Cl2

3. What is the trend in solubility of the sulfates and hydroxides?

  • They are more soluble down the group
  • They are less soluble down the group
  • Sulfates decreases down the group ; hydroxides increases
  • Hydroxides decreases down the group, Sulfates increases

4. What is disproportionation?

  • When one atom both gains and looses electrons in a reaction
  • When one element undergoes both reduction and oxidation in a reaction at the same time
  • A property of halides which decreases in ability down the group
  • The action of a powerful reducing agent

5. What is the main interaction that determines the boiling point of the halogens?

  • London forces between molecules
  • Hydrogen bonds between molecules
  • Covalent bonds within molecules
  • Permanent dipole forces between molecules


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