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2. What is a dative covalent bond?

  • A bond formed from the overlap of an empty orbital and a lone pair
  • A bond where one atom donates 3 electrons
  • A bond with a large difference in electronegativity between the two atoms
  • A bond vunerable to nucelophilic attack

3. Which of these is not made up of carbon only/ is not a carbon allotrope?

  • Benzene
  • Diamond
  • Graphite
  • lonsdaleite

4. If a molecule has two bonded and two lone pairs; it's ...

  • tetrahedral
  • v-shaped
  • trigonal bipyramidal
  • got a bond angle of 109.5

5. Which of these is incorrect?

  • An arrow can be used to indicate a net drift of electrons towards the less electronegative species in a molecule
  • An arrow can be used instead of a bond line to show a dative bond
  • An arrow can be used instead of a bond line to show a polar bond
  • An arrow can be shown in a bond pointing towards an atom with an empty orbital


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