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2. What causes ice to be less dense than liquid water?

  • There are no intermolecular interactions between molecules as solids so the molecules drift apart
  • Molecules vibrate more when cold and thus move apart, making the solid less dense
  • Hydrogen bonds between molecules in ice create an open and spaced "cage" structure, which breaks down on melting
  • Molecules pack more efficiently in the water liquid due to strong hydrogen bonds pulling molecules together at 180o of each other

3. What is a dative covalent bond?

  • A bond formed from the overlap of an empty orbital and a lone pair
  • A bond where one atom donates 3 electrons
  • A bond with a large difference in electronegativity between the two atoms
  • A bond vunerable to nucelophilic attack

4. It doesn't conduct when solid, it has a high melting point, it is...

  • a giant ionic OR giant covalent structure
  • a simple molecular structure
  • a metallic structure
  • an ionic lattice

5. Which of these is not a property of ionic compounds?

  • High melting points
  • Often soluble in water
  • Conduct when solid
  • Brittle


Ahmed Ahnaf


London forces are the weakest bonds among the intermolecular forces. One of the answers in the question is wrong. Please rectify the mistake whoever has made this. Appreciate the fact that you have spent your time making this.

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