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2. Which of these is NOT describing the same shape as the others?

  • Trigonal pyramidal
  • Includes angle of 90
  • Eg PCl5
  • Three atoms are on the same plane

3. If a molecule has two bonded and two lone pairs; it's ...

  • trigonal bipyramidal
  • tetrahedral
  • v-shaped
  • got a bond angle of 109.5

4. In order for a substance to dissolve...

  • ...polar compounds should be used as the solvent
  • ... a compound with a different type of bonding must be used
  • ...the attractions formed between the solute and solvent need to be stronger than the original bonds
  • ...the solute-solute bonds need to be stronger than the solvent-solvent bonds

5. Which of these has the lowest boiling point?

  • 2-methylhexane
  • 2,2,dimethylpropane
  • But-1-ene
  • ethanol


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