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2. Which of these interactions is weakest?

  • London Forces/induced dipoles
  • Permanent dipole
  • Hydrogen bonds
  • Covalent bond

3. It doesn't conduct when solid, it has a high melting point, it is...

  • a metallic structure
  • an ionic lattice
  • a giant ionic OR giant covalent structure
  • a simple molecular structure

4. What is a pi-bond?

  • The stronger bond in a double bond, with electron density trapped between nuclei
  • The sideways overlap of two p-orbitals
  • The end on overlap of two s-orbitals
  • The end on overlap of two p-orbitals

5. Which of these molecules doesn't have H bonds?

  • NH4
  • CH4
  • C2H2OH
  • H2O


Ahmed Ahnaf


London forces are the weakest bonds among the intermolecular forces. One of the answers in the question is wrong. Please rectify the mistake whoever has made this. Appreciate the fact that you have spent your time making this.

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