Topic 1 - photosynthesis

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Energy currency - of most cells - consists of adenine. ribose and three phosphate groups
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ATP hydrolase
the enzyme that catalyses the releases of enzyme in an ATP molecule
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ATP Synthase
an enzyme that joins the ADP and Pi to resynthesise ATP
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Green pigment that absorbs energy from sunlight found in chloroplasts
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organelle found in plant cells contains chlorophyll and where photosynthesis takes place
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the movement of protons through a membrane down their electrochemical gradient
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a non -protein compound that is necessary for the functioning of an enzyme
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Electrochemical gradient
a gradient of electrochemical
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Electron carrier
molecule situated in the inner membrane of a mitochondrion and the thylakiod membranes in a chloroplast passes electrons from one molecule to the next and generates ATP
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the two membrane s that surround a chloroplast
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Glycerate 3 - phosphate
3 carbon compound formed in the calvin cycle
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light dependent reaction
stage of photosynthesis in which light energy is used to make reduced NADP and ATP and to split water
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light independent reaction
stage of photosynthesis in which reduced NADP and ATP from the light dependent reaction are used to convert co2 = sugars the calvin cycle
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Limiting factor
environmental factor that prevents a process such as photosynthesis from taking place any faster
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a hydrogen acceptor - coenzyme involved in photosynthesis
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Oxidation reaction
reactions in which oxygen gains or electrons are lost
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Ionisation produced in a medium by the action of electromagentic radiation
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splitting of water using light energy
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production of ATP during photosynthesis
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the process by which green plants use sunlight to synthesis nutrients from CO2 and water
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groups of chlorophyll and other pigments molecule found in the membranes inside chloroplasts
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enzyme that catalyses the reaction between RuBP and CO2 in the Calvin cycle
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Ribulose bisphosphate (RUBP)
the compound that combines with CO2 inside chloroplasts during the Calvin cycle
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reduction reaction
is a chemical- reactions in which a substance gains electrons or hydrogen
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background material in a chloroplast
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Triose phosphate (TP)
three carbon compound sugar, the first carbohydrate to be made in photosynthesis
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membranes in chloroplasts on which the light dependent reactions of photosynthesis takes place
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the thylakiod arranged in stacks
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ATP hydrolase


the enzyme that catalyses the releases of enzyme in an ATP molecule

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ATP Synthase


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