top down and bottom up

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1. what is interpersonal coherence

  • when you create correlations of behaviours
  • travelling criminals
  • making a person profile of victim
  • crime scene details and offenders characteristics produce theme
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2. what is geographical profiling CANTER

  • marauders and commuters
  • organised and disorganised
  • marauders and travellers

3. what is investigation use

  • when they conduct interpersonal coherence
  • when they use the circle theory
  • when they match the profile to suspect
  • when they conduct small space analysis
  • when they look at forensic awareness

4. what is small space analysis

  • crime scene details and offenders characteristics produce possible theme
  • creating a close analysis of criminals
  • looks for correlations in behaviour
  • behaviour deduced from crime scene may reveal awareness of particular police theories

5. what is profiling inputs

  • description of a crime scene is created on victim
  • description of suspect
  • description of crime
  • type of criminal


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