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Chapter 1
History and context. Neighbours introduced: the Radleys, Mrs Dubose, Miss Stephanie Crawford. q Dill and Jem’s dare at the Radley house
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Chapter 2
Scout’s first day at school. q Miss Caroline and the Cunninghams introduced. Scout almost 6; Jem almost 10.
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Chapter 3
Walter Cunningham to lunch. Burris Ewell and the cootie. Idea of climbing into someone’s skin. q Atticus’s post mortem on school. q Dill’s aunt Miss Rachel Haverford. The irony of Boo being kept from the industrial school.
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Chapter 4
The knot-hole. Dill’s return. The Boo Radley play.
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Chapter 5
Maudie introduced. The note for Boo.
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Chapter 6
Trying to see Boo through the shutters. Mr Nathan’s shotgun. Dill’s last night. Retrieving Jem’s pants.
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Chapter 7
Scout almost 7; Jem almost 11. The knot-hole cemented.
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Chapter 8
Death of Mrs Radley. q Snow and the snowman of Mr Avery. q Miss Maudie’s fire and the mysterious blanket. Jem’s sudden awareness. Scout fighting Cecil Jacobs.
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Chapter 9
Tom Robinson introduced. q The Finches introduced: Christmas at Finches Landing, Uncle Jack, Aunt Alexandra, Francis. q Scout eavesdrops on Atticus talking about the trial. Atticus as old and useless.
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Chapter 10
Air rifles: a sin to kill a mockingbird. q Tim Johnson introduced. q Arrival of Heck Tate. Atticus as One-Shot Finch. Zeebo takes the dead dog away
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Chapter 11
Mrs Dubose. q Jem’s decapitation of the camellias. Jem reading to Mrs Dubose. Mrs Dubose’s death: real courage.
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Chapter 12
Atticus at state legislature. q Visit to First Purchase African M.E. Church. q Zeebo’s literacy, Reverend Sykes, Lula’s racism. Collection for Helen Robinson.
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Chapter 13
Arrival of Aunt Alexandra. q Portrait of Maycomb. q Summary of residents.
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Chapter 14
Struggle between Atticus and Aunt Alexandra. Dill introduced.
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Chapter 15
Heck Tate and Link Deas bring Atticus news of Jem. q Atticus with friends: Mr Underwood introduced. q Maycomb jail. q Scout talks to Mr Cunningham. q Mr Underwood has been covering Atticus.
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Chapter 16
q Dolphus Raymond mentioned. q Other Maycomb citizens identified from yard. q Outside the courtroom. q Reverend Sykes finds children seats in Coloured Balcony.
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Chapter 17
Heck Tate’s evidence. q Bob Ewell’s evidence. q Bob Ewell left handed.
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Mayella Ewell’s evidence. q Tom Robinson’s dead left arm.
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Chapter 19
q Tom Robinson’s testimony. q Link Deas’s intervention. q Tom says he felt sorry for Mayella. q Scout takes Dill out crying.
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Chapter 20
Dolphus Raymond introduced. q Atticus’s summing up. q Novel firmly placed in 1935.
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Chapter 21
Calpurnia arrives. q Home for tea. q Back for verdict.
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Chapter 22
q Jem’s tears. q Gifts for Atticus. q Miss Maudie’s reactions. q Bob Ewell’s threats.
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Chapter 23
Jem and Atticus discuss the trial. q The arguments for legal reform. q Scout reflects on Cunninghams.
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Chapter 24
Missionary Circle. q Miss Maudie’s support for Scout. q Particular focus on the theme of hypocrisy. q Death of Tom Robinson.
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Chapter 25
Scout remembers Dill’s account of visit to Helen Robinson. q Mr Underwood’s editorial. Don't hurt the bug
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Chapter 26
School restarts. q Atticus re-elected to state legislature. q Hitler, democracy and dictatorship. q Jem’s dilemmas.
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Chapter 27
q Link Deas gives Helen Robinson a job. q Threat to BE fired from WPA Judge Taylor: Bob Ewell’s intimidation. q Halloween: Scout as a ham.
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Chapter 28
Halloween pageant. q The attack on Jem and Scout. q Boo rescues Jem and Scout, who are unaware of him. q Bob Ewell’s death.
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Chapter 29
Jem’s broken arm. q Heck Tate it's a sin q Scout identifies Boo.
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Chapter 30
Heck Tate, Atticus, Scout and Boo on front porch. q Atticus slow to grasp the situation. q Heck Tate protects Boo.
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Chapter 31
Scout takes Boo to see Jem. q Scout takes Boo home. q Summary of the novel.
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Scout’s first day at school. q Miss Caroline and the Cunninghams introduced. Scout almost 6; Jem almost 10.

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