Three Types of Muscle

Quiz on the Three Types of Muscles

Spread 2.4.8 in the OCR Biology A2 Student Text Book (pages 234 to 235)

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1. What is the name of the cell surface membrane that surrounds muscle fibres?

  • Intercalated disc
  • Sarcolemma
  • Sarcomere
  • Mysosin
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2. What does 'myogenic' mean?

  • Able to stimulate a contractions without a nerve impulse
  • Can only be found in the feet
  • Only contracts when there is a nerve impulse
  • Able to contract at the speed of light

3. In which of these places is smooth muscle NOT found?

  • Wall of aterioles
  • At the joints of the arm
  • Walls of the intestine
  • Iris of the eye

4. The sinoatrial node is made of '___________'

  • specialised excitatory and conductive fibres
  • skeletal muscle
  • atrial muscle
  • ventricular muscle

5. What does 'involuntary muscle' mean?

  • A muscle that leads to the movement of the skeleton at the joints.
  • A muscle that is not under concious (voluntary) control.
  • A muscle that did not volunteer to be a muscle and is quite frankly upset that it is a muscle.
  • A muscle that is damaged and involuntarily spasms.


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