Threats to the rainforest

1. Why is global climate change a threat?

  • Less rainfall means less water for vegetation and loss of habitat for animals
  • None of the above
  • Higher temperatures creates a better ability for the air to hold water which means less rainfall
  • Because warmer temperatures means less evaporation and therefore less rainfall
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2. Why is mineral extraction a threat to the rainforest?

  • Large areas of forest are cleared to extract the minerals
  • None of the above
  • It makes the soil less fertile and disrupts plant growth
  • The clearance of land makes many species' habitats suffer

3. Why is agriculture a threat to the rainforest?

  • Population growth means more demand for food resources -> more clearing of forest land
  • The grazing animals cause over grazing
  • The animals cause soil erosion from over grazing
  • Tropical soils cannot provide high yields for very long

4. What is an example of mineral extraction in a rainforest?

  • Copper in many african rainforests
  • Iron and aluminium in the Amazon rainforest
  • Iron and sulphur in tropical rainforests
  • none of the above

5. Why is fuel wood a threat to the rainforest?

  • None of the above
  • It releases co2
  • The use of wood is unsustainable as trees are not replanted
  • It causes deforestation


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