Third Crusade.

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When was the Third Crusade?
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What caused the Third Crusade?
Saladin taking Jerusalem in 1187.
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How did Saladin take Jerusalem before the Third Crusade?
Battle with Christians at Hattin near lake Galilee. Ended in the capture of the king of Jerusalem and the defeat of the Christians. The Christian cities of Syria opened their gates to him, and at last Jerusalem itself surrendered after a short siege.
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Who organised and led the Third Crusade?
Pope Gregory VIII called immediately for another crusade. King Philip Augustus of France, King Richard I of England, and the German emperor, Frederick Barbarossa
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How did Richard raise enough money for the crusade?
By the persecution and robbery of the Jews, the imposition of an unusual tax upon all classes, and the sale of offices, dignities, and the royal lands.
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What did Richard say he would go as far as doing to raise money for the Crusade?
"he would sell the city of London, if he could find a purchaser."
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How did Frederick Barbarossa die?
He was 70 years old and drowned in his march across Europe. His army was shocked by his death and most returned home to Germany refusing to carry on.
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The siege of Acre...
English and French kings used force to get into Acre.After one of the longest and most costly sieges they ever carried on in Asia, the crusaders at last forced the place to capitulate, in spite of all the efforts of Saladin to relieve the Garrison.
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Capture of Acre in 1191...
Philip and Richard came by sea, captured Acre after a hard siege, but their quarrels prevented them from following up this initial success. King Philip soonwent home, leaving the further conduct of the crusade in Richard's hands.
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What was the relationship like between Richard and Saladin?
Poor. However, Saladin sent fruit to Richard when he was ill as he knew the Christians had little food. Saladin also sent a horse to Richard when he heard his had been killed in battle.
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What was Richards struggle with Jerusalem?
He didn't have enough men to take and keep control of Jerusalem and so turned back telling the crusaders it wasn't the right time.
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What was the truce between Saladin and Richard?
Christians were permitted to visit Jerusalem without paying tribute, that they should have free access to the holy places, and remain in undisturbed possession of the coast from Jaffa to Tyre.
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What happened on Richards way home?
He was shipwrecked and captured by the duke of Austria, whom he had offended at the siege of Acre. The king regained his liberty only by paying a ransom equivalent to more than twice the annual revenues of England.
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How many Muslims were executed at Acre and why?
2000. The Muslim prisoners were to be an exchange for Saladin paying a ransom, however this was late and Richard believed that Saladin was holding off for a reason and so he marched the prisoners out and shot them in plain sight of the Muslim army.
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Why was the climate a problem for the crusaders?
Too hot so kept close to sea as breeze was good and ships could supply them with suppies. When they slpet at nights they were overrun by tarantulas which had poisonous bites and hurt really badly.
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Which battle was fought in September 1191?
Battle of Arsur.- Richard won.
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What did the Christians do in the winter of 1191-1192?
Spent it in Jaffa resting and regaining strength.
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Why did Saladin decide to help Richard?
First, Saladin was a strict Muslim. One of the main beliefs of Islam is that Muslims should help those in need. Secondly, Saladin could send his men into Richard's camp with the supplies and spy on what he had in terms of soldiers, equipment etc.
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Where did Richard gain his title, "Lionheart"?
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Saladin taking Jerusalem in 1187.

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Who organised and led the Third Crusade?


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