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1. In Rothery's Categories, which decribes the 'Report' funtion?

  • Factual & objective description of evennts. Usually not chronological.
  • Usually a chronological sequence of events , written subjectively.
  • Able to spell most words correctly.
  • Includes features that sign post ideas.
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2. Which features are focussed on in Britton's theory?

  • Preperatory, Consolidation and Differentiation
  • Expressive, Poetic and Transactional
  • Observation, Recount and Report
  • Conventional, Inventive and Phonetic

3. What does Cathy Barclay's Mock Handwriting Stage consist of?

  • Writing and drawings
  • Scribbles
  • Name written as first word
  • Child spells words in their own way

4. In Britton's theory what does the 'Expressive' feature mean?

  • Factual and objective description of events.
  • Usually resembles speech, often written with a first person perspective.
  • Impersonal style and tone with formal sentence structure.
  • Uses rhyme, rhythm, adjectives and similes.

5. Which Category within Rothery's theory does this comply with best: "Usually a chronological sequence of events, written subjectively."

  • Transactional
  • Recount
  • Observtion/ Comment
  • Report


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