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1. In this case, it was decided that body parts could be (personal) property, but only if they had acquired different attributes by virtue of application or skill eg preservation

  • R v Smith
  • Kelly
  • Marshall
  • Oxford v Moss
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2. The defendant will have the intention to permanently deprive if his intention is to treat the thing as his own to dispose of, regardless of the other's rights

  • True
  • False

3. Other intangible property refers to rights which have no physical prescence

  • True, from the case of A-G Hong Kong v Chan Nai Keung
  • False

4. Where money is held in a trust for someone, that money is money that belongs to another

  • Oxford and Moss
  • Wain
  • A-G's reference no1 of 1983-1985

5. Tickets such as train tickets and parking tickets represent things in action, they represent a right to be there, a case illustrating this is

  • Marshall
  • Morris
  • Shah
  • Oxford v Moss


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