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1. In this case, it was held that notes concerning borrowing in S6 meant that borrowing the property and keeping it until the goodness and the virtue and the practical value has gone out of the item

  • Lavender
  • Morris
  • Lloyd
  • Easom
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2. A person may be in control of property he does not know he possesses, eg scrap metal in a disused factory

  • Woodman
  • Turner
  • Williams v Phillips

3. In this case, it was decided that body parts could be (personal) property, but only if they had acquired different attributes by virtue of application or skill eg preservation

  • R v Smith
  • Oxford v Moss
  • Kelly
  • Marshall

4. Under S2 (1) b)

  • If the defendant would have the other persons consent if the owner knew of the appropriation and the circumstances of it
  • If the person to whom the property belongs cannot be discovered by taking reasonable steps then the defendant will not be liable
  • If the defendant had a right in law to deprive the other of property, on behalf of himself or another then he will not be liable

5. Property includes money and all other property including real or personal, things in action and other intangible property

  • S4 (1)
  • S6
  • S3 (1)
  • S2


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