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2. For the mens rea of theft, the defendant must appropriate property belonging to another

  • Fasle
  • True

3. There are three main ways that property can belong to another, possession and control, property received under obligation (s5(3)) and property obtained by mistake (S5(4))

  • True
  • False

4. What is under S4 (2)

  • Real property - land can only be stolen in 3 ways
  • A person foraging for food will not be liable unless they do so for profit
  • A person who traps a wild animal will not be liable unless the animal has already been reduced into captivity

5. Under S2 (1) c)

  • If the defendant would have the other persons consent if the owner knew of the appropriation and the circumstances of it
  • If the person to whom the property belongs cannot be discovered by taking reasonable steps then the defendant will not be liable
  • If the defendant had a right in law to deprive the other of property, on behalf of himself or another then he will not be liable


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