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1. what did davidge and bunnet show?

  • that where cheques are given for a particular purpose they must be used for this purpose
  • the owner of the cash has the right to do what he wants
  • the cheques given must have legal terms not just moral
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2. which case showed that body parts can be propertyof the uni even though in common law noone has the rights to a corpse as it took on a use for teachin

  • addy
  • mayor
  • kelly
  • keller

3. if the defendant genuinely believed they had a right to the property it is not theft ? and which case ?

  • true , small - abondoned car
  • true - big abandoned warehosue
  • false

4. which case found the defendants guilty of selling refuse without sharing the profits with the council ?

  • williams v phillips
  • williams v k
  • phillipsv willhelm

5. which of these is not a type of property

  • ideas
  • house
  • boyfriend
  • money


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