Theatre Studies Exam Technique (2016 paper)

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1. Sexuality, Justice and the Law, The American Dream, Masculinity, Betrayal, Responsibility and reputation are all what??

  • Motifs
  • Themes
  • Super objectives
  • Events
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Other questions in this quiz

2. What does 'Potential effectiveness for an audience' mean?

  • What experience you want to create through your directing of the extract.
  • How you want the audience to respond?
  • What you want the audience to realize, see, appreciate or consider.
  • What atmosphere you want to create through your directing of the piece.

3. Must you get to the end line of the extract?

  • Yes. Yes yes.
  • No?

4. What should a conclusion do?

  • Clearly show how the scene relates to the rest of the play or suggests what happens next.
  • Conclude it.
  • Repeat what has been said before.
  • Talk about how you would direct the rest of the play.

5. Do all your directorial ideas actually clearly relate to your interpretation and bring it to life for your audience?

  • They will
  • No
  • YES
  • They should


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