Theatre Studies Exam Technique (2016 paper)

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1. What is meant by the 'substance' of an extract?

  • How this scene relates exclusively to the rest of the play.
  • What the most important events that occur in this scene are, and why
  • What happens in the scene and why it is important.
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2. How would you address substance in the Opening Paragraph?

  • A short set of sentences that reveal the importance of this extract.
  • A short set of sentences explaining what happens in this scene.

3. What does context mean?

  • The basic plot of extract and how it relates to the whole play.
  • What happens just before the extract.
  • The background of the play in the 1950's

4. What is the play called?

  • A View from the Bridge.
  • The View from the Bridge.
  • A View from A Bridge.
  • The View from a Bridge.

5. Sexuality, Justice and the Law, The American Dream, Masculinity, Betrayal, Responsibility and reputation are all what??

  • Themes
  • Motifs
  • Events
  • Super objectives


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