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2. What should the technical elements of set, light, sound and costume do?

  • Just justified.
  • All be relevant to the play.
  • All relate to my interpretation of the piece.
  • Only stated when relevant.

3. Sexuality, Justice and the Law, The American Dream, Masculinity, Betrayal, Responsibility and reputation are all what??

  • Motifs
  • Events
  • Themes
  • Super objectives

4. Do all your directorial ideas actually clearly relate to your interpretation and bring it to life for your audience?

  • They will
  • YES
  • They should
  • No

5. What does 'Potential effectiveness for an audience' mean?

  • What atmosphere you want to create through your directing of the piece.
  • How you want the audience to respond?
  • What experience you want to create through your directing of the extract.
  • What you want the audience to realize, see, appreciate or consider.


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