The U.s in the 1920s

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1. What were the Jim Crow Laws?

  • Laws in the south that took away black people's rights
  • Laws which victimized mexicans
  • Laws in the North which segregates black people
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2. What was bootleg alcohol?

  • Illegally Home-brewed alcohol
  • Smuggled alcohol
  • Alcohol sold by gangsters

3. What is a Flapper?

  • A woman who worked in a white collar job
  • An independent woman, who often smoked, drank and had bob hair cuts
  • An unemployed man who had recently returned from the army

4. Which industry did not feel the boom

  • Agriculture
  • Automobile
  • electricity

5. What does the KKK stand for

  • Kill Ku Klan
  • Ku Klux Klan
  • Klux Ku Klan


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