The U.s in the 1920s

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1. What is a Flapper?

  • A woman who worked in a white collar job
  • An independent woman, who often smoked, drank and had bob hair cuts
  • An unemployed man who had recently returned from the army
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2. What is Hire purchase?

  • Paying for a product in installments but getting it straight away
  • Buying a product with a loan
  • Borrowing a product for a fee

3. What is buying on the margin?

  • Using a loan to buy shares
  • Buying something for the cheapest price
  • buying the last product

4. what affect did mass production have on prices

  • Things became cheaper
  • Things became more expensive
  • There was no change

5. Why did some people disapprove of the movies

  • They scared young children
  • They thought they were immoral as drinking and kissing was shown
  • They were too expensive


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