The Tsarist Regime, 1906 - 1914

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Council of Ministers
Supreme executive organ in some parlimentary governments, equivalent to Cabinet
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Duma of National Anger
Extreme left-wing parties
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Duma of National Hopes
Radical Liberal composition - main party was Kadets
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Duma of Lords and Lackeys
Main parties were Octoberists and Rightists
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Ivan Goremykin
Russian Prime minister during World War One 1
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The Constitutional Democratic Party - Party of people's freedom
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Lena Goldfields Massacre
Striking goldfield workers by soldiers of the Imperial Russian Army on 17 April 1912 in northeast Siberia near the Lena River
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A member of the moderate party in the Russian Duma, which supported Tsar Nicholas II's reforming manifesto of 30 October 1905
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Prince Lvov
Russian statesman and the first post-imperial prime minister of Russia
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A person favouring progress
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State Councils
Government body in a country or a subdivision in a country with a function that varies by it's jurisdiction
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State Duma
Lower house of the Federal Assembly of Russia
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Pyotr Stolypin
Minister of Internal Affairs from 1906 to 1911
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Duma of National Anger


Extreme left-wing parties

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Duma of National Hopes


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Duma of Lords and Lackeys


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Ivan Goremykin


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