The thread of life

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1. What bonds can you find in a tertiary protein?

  • Van der Waals forces
  • hydrogen, peptide, instaneous dipole induced dipole and di sulfide bridges
  • only peptide bonds
  • covalent bonds
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2. What are proteins?

  • Condensation polymers of amino acids
  • a base, phosphate and sugar
  • 3 bases

3. What can zwitterions exist?

  • In acidic conditions
  • At an amino acids isoelectric point
  • In enzymes
  • Everywhere

4. What happens if the temperature gets too high for an enzyme?

  • It denatures
  • It sweats
  • It burns
  • Nothing

5. What is the term for when something has acidic and basic qualities?

  • aliphatic
  • arratic
  • amphoteric
  • aromatic


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