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2. Samuel Coleridge

  • 'Caliban is {a noble being'}
  • 'If you don't want paradise [...] you don't have a soul'

3. John Dover Wilson-DQ

  • 'it is a profoundly religious poem' as it has a {'conclusion of joyful atonement and forgiveness'}
  • {'Prospero hold all he loves,} dramatic conflict is virtually non-existent'

4. Frank Kermode-DQ

  • 'He hears music with pleasure as {music can appeal to the beast who lacks reason'}
  • 'Caliban is a noble being'

5. J Middleton Murray

  • Say the island 'is what would be if humanity, the best in man, controlled the life in man'
  • 'Prospero who controls this comprehensive Shakespearean world reflects Shakespeare himself'


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