The Teleological Argument 3

I'm predicting teleological to come up and specifically Aquinas or Darwin as they have not yet made their single appearances!

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1. Who argued that the world was one of chance and natural selection

  • Darwin
  • Flew
  • Mill
  • Swinburne
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2. Hume argues further that, if a house and universe are similar, just as we'd blame the builder for a faulty house can we blame a faulty designer.. why does Paley disagree?

  • Paley did not dispute this argument, Flew did
  • the issue was whether the universe showed design and not quality concerning the design
  • a builder cannot be forever responsible for problems as time creates problems, the world began perfect
  • this argument would be inconsistent with his rejection of analogy

3. Who put forward the 'aesthetic argument?'

  • Tennant
  • Paley
  • Swinburne
  • Aquinas

4. Is Hume doubting the belief in God in the teleological argument?

  • No, only that it cannot show God exists
  • Yes as there are other reasons to explain design
  • Yes, there is no God

5. Can Hume's analogy criticism apply to Aquinas?

  • No, only Paley
  • No but they can on the occasion of his arrow analogy
  • Yes


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