The Teleological Argument 3

I'm predicting teleological to come up and specifically Aquinas or Darwin as they have not yet made their single appearances!

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1. Other than Paley's analogy of the watch what evidence can be used to show support of design?

  • Mountain and paws
  • Camera and hands/paws
  • Eyeball and Fish fins
  • Eyeball and mountains
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2. Mills argument took the basis of that if the world is designed by a loving God?.. (finish sentence)

  • why are there imperfections in the world?
  • why is nature so cruel?
  • why does God not reveal himself?

3. Darwin's book was called 'The Origin of Species'?

  • True
  • False

4. Who argued that the world was far too much of a coincidence? (1 in 10 million x 23)

  • Swinburne
  • Flew
  • Paley
  • Dawkins

5. What was the issue of using Paley's watch analogy with God?

  • We cannot use language to describe God so we cannot describe him with something we can describe
  • Watches are the effects of evolution, over millions of years people were unable to create such, and as skills passed it was learnt and so is not applicable with God
  • If you do not believe elements of the analogy are comparable, you cannot argue that the causes are similar and the analogy would not work
  • Effectively, God created watches


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