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2. Which petition divided opinion in the Jacobin Club?

  • The Petition demanding that no future monarchy replace Louis
  • The Petition that demanded a vote on which European monarch should take over from Louis as King
  • The Petition that demanded the immediate abolition of all political groups and societies
  • The Petition that demanded the army to begin invading Prussia and Austria

3. How did The Jacobin Club respond to the mass withdrawal of supporters?

  • They Withdrew their support of the petition
  • They hired agent-provocateurs to infiltrate the meetings of the opposition
  • They opened fire on the major leaders of newly formed clubs
  • They relocated to the Tuileries to demand support of the king

4. Which leading Jacobins were committed Monarchists?

  • Danton and Maximillion
  • Marat and Robespierre
  • Lafayette and Lameth
  • Robespierre and Lafayette

5. What did the petition falsely state, that eventually divided the Jacobin Club?

  • That the National Assembly had been replaced by the National Guard
  • That the Jacobin Club had already split
  • That the King had abdicated
  • That Marie Antoinette had become Queen


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