The Split of the Jacobin Club - 1791

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1. Who was left in the Jacobin Club following the Split?

  • Lafayette and a large group of committed monarchists
  • Robespierre, Lafayette and a small group of pro-war militants
  • Robespierre and a small group of republicans
  • Lafayette and a small group of republicans
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2. What did the petition falsely state, that eventually divided the Jacobin Club?

  • That Marie Antoinette had become Queen
  • That the National Assembly had been replaced by the National Guard
  • That the King had abdicated
  • That the Jacobin Club had already split

3. Which drafter of the petition would become the leader of the Girondin Group?

  • Pierre de L'Orsay
  • Danton
  • Brissot
  • Robespierre

4. Why did most of the Jacobin supporters break away from the group?

  • They supported the monarchy
  • They supported the idea of a republic
  • They believed the revolution was almost over
  • They supported Robespierre and Marat

5. Why was the Feuillants Club happy that the Jacobins no longer supported the petition?

  • They disliked the proposed Jacobin policies of the petition
  • They suspected the Jacobin Club was planning another revolt
  • They were no longer burdened by the Jacobin extremists
  • They disliked the wealth of the Jacobin Club


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