The Split of the Jacobin Club - 1791

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1. Why did most of the Jacobin supporters break away from the group?

  • They supported the monarchy
  • They supported Robespierre and Marat
  • They supported the idea of a republic
  • They believed the revolution was almost over
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2. How did The Jacobin Club respond to the mass withdrawal of supporters?

  • They Withdrew their support of the petition
  • They relocated to the Tuileries to demand support of the king
  • They hired agent-provocateurs to infiltrate the meetings of the opposition
  • They opened fire on the major leaders of newly formed clubs

3. Which drafter of the petition would become a leader of the Jacobin Club?

  • Danton
  • De L'aunay
  • Lafayette
  • Brissot

4. What was set up by the people who left the Jacobin Club?

  • The Marseillaise Club
  • The Feuillants Club
  • The Girondin Club
  • The Sans-Cullotes Club

5. Which leading Jacobins were committed Monarchists?

  • Lafayette and Lameth
  • Robespierre and Lafayette
  • Danton and Maximillion
  • Marat and Robespierre


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