The Schlieffen Plan

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1. Which one of these was not a reality?

  • Germans held up by belgium army, backed up BEF.
  • Russia mobilised in 10 days and Germany was forced to withdraw troops from the plan to defend eastern border.
  • 60% of Germany's army was killed within 5 days of the plan being put into place.
  • Were met by French at the battle of the Marne which halted the German advance.
  • 2nd august 1914 - Germany invaded Luxembourg.
  • Germay did not take chance to take Paris, instead attacked east of capital.
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2. Where did Schlieffen say that the remaining percentage of the army should go?

  • To fly over Russia and drop bombs.
  • To defend the Eastern and western borders of the country against Russian attack.
  • To defend the eastern border of Germany to defend Russian attack.
  • To spy on Russia as they were suspecting an attack from them.

3. The army chief believed:

  • Prioroty was to take Russia, forcing to surrender france before had chance to mobilize troops.
  • To take Britain quickly by bombing them as they had strong alliances with other countries.
  • Prioroty was to take France quickly, forcing to surrender russia before they had a chance to mobilize troops.
  • To take Belgium quickly, forcing to surrender France before the army was put together.

4. Which of these was something that Von Molkte changed about the plan?

  • To make more men join the army.
  • 20% of the soldiers would build/fix any of their weapons.
  • To avoid invading Holland and to concentrate on an attack through Belgium.
  • To spread the army across all of the countries that had the possibility of attackin

5. Von Molkte replaced Schlieffen and made some alterations to the plan in what year?

  • 1910.
  • 1906.
  • 1904.
  • 1902.


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