The role of genes + hormones

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Geschwind and Galaburda
Men have a larger left and right hemisphere due to testosterone levels
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Maccoby + Jacklin
Men have better spatial skills than women
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Driesen and Raz
Women have a larger corpus callosum which allows them to integrate information from the left and right hemisphere and so better social skills
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Men = better spatial skills + Women = better social skills
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Berenbaum + Bailey
genetic females who were exposed to testosterone, not only did they have ambiguous genitalia but also they displayed much more boyish behaviour
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Imperato-Mcginley et al
Batista family, AIS - 4 XY boys with no penis were raised as girls - at puberty they had higher levels of testosterone + so penis grew. AIS
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Reisen + Gearhart
16XY boys with almost no penis, 14 were raised as females + 2 as males. By the age of 16 , 8 of the 14 who were raised as females reassigned themselves as males
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used in the olympics- used to be ** females competed against other , but now sex no longer determines entry to the games
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Role of genes
determine biological sex - **= female XY= male. 23 chromosomes- male could be said to influence the sex of the child.
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Develops genitalia + brain - when exposed to high levels of testosterone , female brain ==> male brain. and also the H-Y antigen is produced which causes the development of the testes
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Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome - whereby males are insensitive + their body doesn't respond to the male hormone testosteron
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Maccoby + Jacklin


Men have better spatial skills than women

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