The River Nene, Northampton Case Study

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1. The floodgates create an open area of land where up to... m3 of flood water can be stored during times of heavy rain. The water is held harmlessly in open...

  • 1.2; grassland
  • 1.3; washland
  • 2.2; grassland
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2. ...was cleared from here so that the river velocity would increase+ ... would be taken away quicker

  • Waste; urine
  • Debris; rainwater
  • Debris; rubbish

3. The floodwall at Foot Meadow have been installed to protect...

  • Housing, industry, Castle Inn
  • Housing, industry, Upton Square
  • Castle Inn, the railway station, Upton Way

4. The river channel capacity at Upton was increased by building earth embankments set back...m from the river which have... along the tops. The area has also been visually improved by...

  • 10; footpaths; afforestation
  • 6; footpaths; afforestation
  • 10; reservoir; new housing estate

5. ...were also added to protect the river banks from erosion giving added security to ...beside the river

  • Gabion boxes; new housing
  • Gabion boxes; railway station
  • Rip rap; new housing


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