The Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Coleridge

Key Events in Parts I-VII

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1. What happens in Part III?

  • There is a strong wind and tide
  • Everybody except the Mariner dies
  • Life in Death loses the toss
  • The Sun and Moon are forgotten
  • Death appears without her friend
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2. And in Part IV?

  • The spell becomes stronger
  • The Wedding Guest fears a spirit
  • The Mariner fails to recognise nature
  • The Albatross clings on tightly
  • The Mariner initially relies on his strong faith to save him

3. What happens in Part V?

  • The crew are brought back to life
  • The Mariner warns the Wedding Guest to fear him
  • Nature has negative connotations
  • The ship cannot move
  • The Polar Spirits make no comment on the Mariner

4. What about in Part II?

  • The Albatross is hung around the Mariner
  • The crew have their thirst quenched
  • The crew never fail to sympathise with the Mariner
  • The imagery is pure and perfect
  • The Albatross is not avenged

5. In Part VI?

  • There is no transitional moment
  • The Pilot comes alone
  • There is only the Mariner
  • Their native country is on the horizon
  • The spirits refuse to leave


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