The Revenger's Tragedy Characters

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1. Who are the lords?

  • Followers of Antonio
  • Followers of Lussurioso
  • They bare no significant relation to other characters
  • Followers of Gratiana
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2. Who is Dondolo?

  • He is a son of the Dutchess
  • The servant of Lussurioso
  • The servant of Castiza
  • He is a lord

3. Who is the first son of the Duke?

  • Hippolito
  • Lussurioso
  • Spurio
  • Ambitioso

4. What are Castiza's sibling(s) called?

  • The Dutchess
  • Vendice and Hippolito
  • She has no siblings
  • Ambitioso and Supervacuo

5. Who are the nobels?

  • They are followers of Gratiana
  • They are allies of Lussurioso
  • They are followers of Antonio
  • They are allies to the Duke


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