The Restless Earth-Glossary

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Constructive margin
Two plates are moving apart from one another
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Continental Crust
Thicker and less dense crust
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Oceanic Crust
Thinner and more dense
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Destructive margin
Two plates are moving toward each other
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The sinking of oceanic crust at a destructive margin
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Dense, mostly solid and the layer between the outer core and the crust
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Convection currents
The circular currents of heat within the mantle
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Conservative margin
Two plates are moving past each other
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Fold mountains
Large mountains where rock layers have been pushed and folded together
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Ocean trench
A deep section in the ocean, usually where an oceanic plate is sinking underneath a continental plate
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Composite volcano
A steep sided volcano made of ash and lava
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Shield volcano
A broad volcano that's mostly made up of lava
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Farming to produce food and other resources for farmers and their family
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Steps created in the hillside to create area of flat land
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Artificial watering of the land
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Natural hazard
Occurrences where people have little control where a threat occurs on people's lives and possessions
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The depression of a supervolcano from a collapsed magma chamber
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Openings along a line of weaknesses that allow magma to escape
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Water that is heated below the ground which comes to the surface in different ways
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Geothermal feature where water erupts into the air because of pressure
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Hot spot
Section of an earths crust where magma rises weakening the crust. These are away from the plate boundaries
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The part IN the earths crust where the earthquake originates from
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Richter scale
Logarithmic scale based on scientific recordings and the amount of movement
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The point directly above the focus on the earths crust
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Seismic waves generated by an earthquake that passes through the earths crust
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Mercalli scale
Measuring an earthquake by describing and comparing the damage done on a scale from 1 to 12
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The three P's
Prediction Preparation Protection
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A wave that is often created because of an earthquake where the entire depth of ocean/sea is in motion from above the earthquake
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Thicker and less dense crust


Continental Crust

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Thinner and more dense


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Two plates are moving toward each other


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The sinking of oceanic crust at a destructive margin


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