The Pyschodynamic Approach

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What is the main assumption of the Psychodynamic approach?
Our unconscience drives our behaviour. Individuals abnormal behaviour is determind by underlying conflicts in the psyche
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What are the 3 main sections of the psyche?
The ID, superego and ego
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What is the ID?
Works on the pleasure principle, concerend with satisfying basic needs
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What is the Super Ego?
Opposition of ID, acts as conscience and maintains morality
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What is the Ego?
Works on the reality principle/ Finds balance between both ID and super ego
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When there is conflict between the three what does the psyche do to protect itself?
Defence Mechanisms
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Name the 4 defence mechanisms-
Repression, projection, denial and displacement
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Name the psychosexual stages in order with little information-
Oral (to do with feeding-eating/smoking), Anal (potty training-OCD), Phallic (Oedepus Complex-anxiety), Latency and Genital (when everything comes out)
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Name the strenghts of the psychodynamic approach-
Universally relative, freud removed the idea that people who were abnormal were 'demons', argued for respectful and humane way to diagnose mentally ill
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Name the weaknesses of the psychodynamic approach-
Concepts are too abstract, over emphasises importance of sexuality and childhood, cannot be generalsied
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What are the Psychodynamic Treatments?
Free Association, Projective Tests and Dream Analysis
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How does Free Association work?
Patient expresses thoughts exactly as they occur even if they seem irrelevant, therapist will try to reveal conflict in unconscience
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How do Projective Tests work?
Person is shown meaningless image, mind works to make meaning, the meaning tells you something about personality
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How does Dream Analysis work?
THe clients dreams are interperated, unconscience thoughts are revealed more freely in dreams, therapist will analyse manifest content of dream to find a latent meaning
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Name the evaluation points of psychodynamic treatments-
With projective tests the psychologist can poroject their own thought into interpretation, its time consuming and expensive, may not be possible to evaluate scientifically
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What are the 3 main sections of the psyche?


The ID, superego and ego

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What is the ID?


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What is the Super Ego?


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What is the Ego?


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