The Puritans

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1. What were the views of Conformist Puritans?

  • They accepted the Queen's demand for uniformity
  • They rebelled against the Anglican Church
  • They accepted Catholics and Protestants alike
  • They accepted the Queen's title of 'Supreme Governor'
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2. What did John Guy say about the Puritans?

  • They had "dwindled into numerical insignificance"
  • They posed no serious threat
  • They posed a singificant threat
  • There were no more than 1000 alive at the end of Elizabeth's reign

3. What did Thomas Cartwright want?

  • He wanted the removal of titles and offices of archbishops, deans and archdeacons
  • He wanted a national Presbyterian system
  • He wanted Elizabeth deposed
  • He wanted the bishops to have more important positions in the Elizabethan Church

4. When did Archbishop Grindal refuse to suppress prophesyings?

  • 1572
  • 1577
  • 1576
  • 1564

5. Who was named the 'new Messiah' by extremist Puritans and when did he die?

  • William Hacket
  • the Earl of Leicester
  • John Field
  • Thomas Cartwright


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