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2. What did Anthony Cope's Bill and Book propose?

  • The removal of titles and offices of Archbishops
  • A national Presbyterian system
  • A Genevan Prayer book
  • To sack Archbishop Whitgift

3. How many recusants were there in 1603?

  • 86,000
  • 8,600
  • 860
  • 860,000

4. What did Archbishop Whitgift's Three Articles require of ministers?

  • to submit themselves to the Elizabeth Church
  • accept Royal Supremacy and agree that the Book of Common Prayer had nothing contrary to the word of God
  • take an 'ex officio oath'

5. How did Puritans react to John Field's writings?

  • They put up with it
  • They were appalled
  • They strongly supported it


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