The Personal Rule of Charles I

A quiz to test you on all the key info and dates relating to Charles I's period of Personal Rule. Includes prerogative taxation and religious reform, and also issues relating to Scotland and Ireland.

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1. Ship Money was a traditional tax used on coastal counties in times of national danger. In what year did Charles extend it to inland counties?

  • 1638
  • 1645
  • 1635
  • 1633
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2. In which year did Charles announce that a new Prayer Book was to be used in Scotland?

  • 1637
  • 1636
  • 1635
  • 1634

3. What brought the Personal Rule to an end?

  • Charles establishing a new Parliament
  • Charles' calling of the Short Parliament
  • Charles' calling of the Long Parliament
  • Charles met with the Scottish Parliament

4. Which religious group had the King's support in the 1630s?

  • Arminians
  • Catholics
  • Calvinists
  • Puritans

5. The Distraint of Knighthood applied to all men with a yearly income of over what?

  • £60
  • £40
  • £50
  • £30


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