The noble Gases

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1. argon can be used to protect metals that are being welded. why?

  • the inhert atmospher stops the hot metal reacting with oxygen
  • lighter than helium
  • the inhert atmospher stops the ho meatal reacting with oxygen
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2. why is argon used in flimaent lamps?

  • stops hot flimaent buring away (non flmabale)
  • because it provide a inert atmosphere
  • its poo
  • hhfjjdenejn

3. why dont noble gasses react with much?

  • they have one electron
  • they have too many protons
  • becasue they have a full outer shell
  • because they dont want to

4. Group 0 element are all inhert gasses, what does this mean?

  • dont react with much
  • they have two mnay electrons
  • they are dull
  • they react miledly

5. Helium is used in airships and party balloons, why?

  • higher density than air- makes it float
  • has a lower density than air- makes the ballon float
  • lower density than oxygen which makes it flow
  • same density as air so makes it float


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