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2. Huge public works projects; dams, irrigation (supplying water with land), canals + water transport. Hydro-electric power  created thousands of jobs. Farmers were given loans + training in soil conservation. New housing built.

  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Home Owners’ Loan Corporation
  • Emergency Banking Act

3. Helped people who were in danger of having their homes repossessed. It provided new long-term loans.

  • Securities Exchange Act
  • Home Owners’ Loan Corporation
  • Emergency Banking Act

4. Government advised farmers to prevent overproduction (keeping fields empty)  this raised prices + increased incomes. AAA helped farmers modernise + rebuild their businesses. Farmers became more organised.

  • National Recovery Act
  • Agricultural Adjustment Agency
  • National Industrial Recovery Act

5. Men aged 16-25 given 6 mths work. They had to send most of their pay home to parents/wives. By 1940 2 million joined.

  • Civilian Conservation Corps
  • Public Works Administration
  • Agricultural Adjustment Agency


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