The New Deal Quiz

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1. Set minimum wages and a maximum 8-hour day. Trade unions were encouraged. This tried to improve workers’ pay + conditions.

  • National Recovery Act
  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Home Owners’ Loan Corporation
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2. This set up the NRA (National Recovery Administration), which set standards on working practices (hours, child labour, conditions). Created more jobs. Employers who joined were allowed to display the Blue Eagle symbol of Government approval.

  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • National Industrial Recovery Act
  • National Recovery Act

3. Regulation of the stock market to prevent speculation that caused the Wall St. Crash.

  • Securities Exchange Act
  • Civilian Conservation Corps
  • Federal Emergency Relief Administration

4. Huge public works projects; dams, irrigation (supplying water with land), canals + water transport. Hydro-electric power  created thousands of jobs. Farmers were given loans + training in soil conservation. New housing built.

  • Tennessee Valley Authority
  • Home Owners’ Loan Corporation
  • Emergency Banking Act

5. Men aged 16-25 given 6 mths work. They had to send most of their pay home to parents/wives. By 1940 2 million joined.

  • Civilian Conservation Corps
  • Public Works Administration
  • Agricultural Adjustment Agency


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