The New Deal

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Banking Crisis
The day after he was in office Roosevelt ordered all banks to close and a few days later 5000 trustworthy banks were allowed to reopen - Emergency Banking Act, calm up with rules prevent Speculation etc on Wall Street - Securities Exchange Comission
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Fireside Chats
Every Sunday Roosevelt explained to the American people over radio what was happening, about 60 million people tuned in
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Federal Emergency Relief Administration
Met the urgent needs of the poor, $500 million was spent on soup kitchens, blankets, employment schemes and nursery schools
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Civilian Conservation Corps
Aimed at unemployed young men, sign on for a period of six months, could be renewed, work done on environmental projects, around 2.5 million helped
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Agricultural Adjustment Agency
Farmers, set quotas to force prices upwards, helped modernise and use techniques to conserve the soil, could also help with mortgages
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National Recovery Act
Set up Public Works Administration which used government money to build schools, roads, bridges etc, created millions of jobs. National Recovery Administration improved working conditions, set fair wages, voluntary and over 2 million emplyers joined
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Tennessee Valley Authority
In the wet season the Tennessee river would flood and in the dry season it would dry out completely,The authority built dams which meant they could irrigate the land, provided electricity and jobs
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Second New Deal
By May 1935 Roosevelt was under a lot of criticism so Tuesday 14 May 1935 Roosevelt met up with people and was persuaded. 14 June 1935 he summoned Congress and presented the Second New Deal
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Wagner Act
Forced employers to allow trade unions to operate and negotiate for better pay and cnoditions
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Social Security Act
Provided state pensions for elderly and widows and set up a scheme for unemployment insurance.
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Works Progress Administration
Brought together all organisations who aimed to create jobs, had many things eg New Deal's Farm Security Administration Photographic Project, which created 80,000 photos
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Resettlement Administration
Help smallholders and tenant farmers, moved over 500,000 families, Farm Security Administration took over in 1937
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New Deal Isn't Doing Enough
Many Americans remained poor, Huey Long became Governor of Louisiana in 1937, complained the New Deal was too complicated and not doing enough, Share Our Wealth, assassinated in 1935
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New Deal Is Doing Too Much
Was complicated,Government should leave the market to deal with issues, Schemes like TVA were competition to companies, Schemes were like USSR, Roosevelt was like a dictator, Wealthy were wealthy because they worked
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Opposition From the Supreme Court
Court dominated by Republicans, in May 1935 the Schechter Poultry Company was found to break NRA regulations by selling diseased chickens, exploiting workers etc. Supreme Court ruled it could not be prosecuted because the NRA was unconstitutional
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A New Society
New Deal restored faith in the government, huge social success, handled billions of money but no corruption, divided the USA, undermined local government
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Industrial Workers
NRA strengthened unions, big businesses remained powerful, strikes were broken up with violence in 1930s
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Unemployment and the Economy
Created millions of jobs, stabilised the banking system, cut business failures, provided projects with schools etc, never solved underlying economic problems, 6 million unemployed 1941
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African Americans
Around 200,000 African Americans gained benefits, many agencies discriminated against African Americans, failed to pass laws against lynching
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Eleanor Roosevelt, most New Deal programmes were aimed at men
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Native Americans
Indian Re-organisation Act 1934 provided money to help native Americans buy land, helped them preserve their culture but remained poor and excluded
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