The Nazi Consolidation of Power

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1. Why was the concordat with the Catholic Church made?

  • To gain the support of the Centre Party
  • To show Hitler's trustworthiness
  • To allow Catholicism in Germany
  • To protect the Catholics from violence
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2. What did the Reichstag Fire Decrees do?

  • They removed civil rights: freedom of speech, of assembly, of arrest...
  • They removed the political parties' rights:broadcasts, propaganda...
  • They removed the communists' rights:political party, votes, formation...

3. What did the legal and pseudo-legal measures that Hitler used to gain power become known as?

  • Nazi terror
  • The Legal Revolution
  • Revolution
  • The Legal Powers

4. When was the Enabling Act passed?

  • 26th March 1933
  • 23rd March 1933
  • 25th March 1933
  • 24th March 1933

5. Why did the Nazis need the support of the Centre Party?

  • To pass the Enabling Act
  • To allow a Papal Visit
  • To gain more votes
  • To pass the Emergency Decrees


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