The Miners' Strike

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When was the Strike?
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Who was Protesting?
Miners from around Britain. Around half of Britain's 187,000 miners striked.
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What Triggered the Strike?
In March 1984, the closure of 20 pits was announced, with 20,000 miners losing their jobs.
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What was the NUM?
The National Union of Miners. This called the miners to strike.
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Who led the Strike?
Arthur Scargill - Leader of the NUM.
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Why was the Strike Illegal?
The NUM began a strike even though their members were not given the chance to vote for one. The TUC wouldn't support a strike that hadn't been voted for.
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What tactics did the Miners' use?
Picketing mines to prevent other miners from entering, Fighting the police, Flying pickets moved around to strengthen the strike at other pits, Miners who didn't strike were called 'Scabs' and were intimidated and badly treated.
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How did the Strikers use the Media?
They described police brutality and intimidation, and portrayed themselves as fighting for survival against a government determined to destroy their livelyhoods.
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Why did the Strikers raise Money?
They raised money through marches, posters and leaflets and from trade unions abroad. The money was used to financially support miners if they picketed.
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Who led the Government during the Protest?
Margaret Thatcher.
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How did the Government respond to the Miners?
They stockpiled coal, divided miners by promising some their jobs were safe and brought in police from around the country to stop flying pickets.
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How did the Government use the Media?
Popular newspapers like the Sun and the Daily Mail were anti-strike. TV cameras and photographers were usually behind police lines, not with the miners. The media portrayed the miners as a mob and the gov. fed the media information of NUM corruption.
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How did the Government Punish the NUM?
As the strike was illegal, the government could fine the NUM which meant they had less money to support the strikers.
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Why did the Strike Fail?
In autumn 1984, the strike began to crumble as more miners, running out of money and suffering huge financial hardship, returned to work. Over the winter, more miners returned to work as families were living in extreme poverty.
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How long was the Strike?
51 weeks.
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What were the Results?
There was tension between miners and many miners who had striked were finding it hard to get work.
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Miners from around Britain. Around half of Britain's 187,000 miners striked.

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