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2. What happens to the lining of the womb immediately after the mature egg is released?

  • It stays thick for a few days
  • It stops thickening
  • It begins to be shed
  • It begins to thicken

3. What are the hormones used in the contraceptive pill?

  • Oestrogen and testosterone
  • Oestrogen and progesterone
  • LH and progesterone
  • Progesterone and testosterone

4. What does FSH do?

  • Causes the ovaries to make oestrogen
  • Starts a period
  • Makes the ovaries release an egg
  • Makes the egg mature

5. Who can't take the pill?

  • Heavy drinkers, smokers and people who use recreational drugs
  • People who have/had had breast cancer in the last 5 years, are smokers and have heart disease/diabetes
  • Men
  • People who have had a heart attack in the last 5 years, or who have Type 2 diabetes


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