The Menstrual Cycle

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1. Who can't take the pill?

  • People who have/had had breast cancer in the last 5 years, are smokers and have heart disease/diabetes
  • Men
  • Heavy drinkers, smokers and people who use recreational drugs
  • People who have had a heart attack in the last 5 years, or who have Type 2 diabetes
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2. What happens when the egg is not fertilised?

  • The dead egg and the womb lining are shed
  • The lining of the womb is shed but the egg remains in the uterus
  • The egg is released from the womb
  • The egg returns to the ovaries

3. What is the disadvantage of the pill?

  • It can increase the risk of ovarian cancer
  • It can increase the risk of breast and cervical cancer if used for more than 5 years
  • It can cause infertility
  • It causes side effects such as vomiting

4. What is the purpose of LH?

  • They stimulate the ovaries to release oestrogen
  • They cause the egg to mature
  • They stimulate the release of an egg when their levels reach their peak.
  • They cause the womb lining to begin building up again after it has been shed

5. Why does the pill thin the lining of the womb?

  • It makes it less likely to accept a fertilised egg
  • It makes periods less painful
  • It makes an egg less likely to be released
  • It makes it harder for eggs to mature


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