The Menstrual Cycle

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1. Which other hormones are involved in the menstrual cycle?

  • Protease and progesterone
  • Testosterone
  • LH (Lutenising hormone) and progesterone
  • Progesterone and testosterone
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2. Where does the egg start to mature?

  • The pituary gland
  • The Fallopian tubes
  • The ovaries
  • The uterus

3. What is another purpose of oestrogen?

  • Makes the period start
  • Makes the womb lining build up for pregnancy and slows down FSH production
  • Increases FSH production
  • Makes the woman want to have children

4. What happens to the lining of the womb immediately after the mature egg is released?

  • It stays thick for a few days
  • It stops thickening
  • It begins to be shed
  • It begins to thicken

5. Why does the pill thin the lining of the womb?

  • It makes it harder for eggs to mature
  • It makes periods less painful
  • It makes it less likely to accept a fertilised egg
  • It makes an egg less likely to be released


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