The Menstrual Cycle

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1. What is another purpose of oestrogen?

  • Makes the womb lining build up for pregnancy and slows down FSH production
  • Makes the woman want to have children
  • Increases FSH production
  • Makes the period start
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2. What does FSH do?

  • Causes the ovaries to make oestrogen
  • Makes the ovaries release an egg
  • Makes the egg mature
  • Starts a period

3. What is the advantage of the pill?

  • It is 95% effective
  • It is 99% effective
  • It prevents ovarian cancer
  • It is 90% effective

4. Why does the pill prevent the release of LH?

  • It slows down the maturing of eggs
  • It means that mature eggs can't be released
  • It stops eggs maturing
  • It stops period pain

5. What happens when the egg is not fertilised?

  • The dead egg and the womb lining are shed
  • The lining of the womb is shed but the egg remains in the uterus
  • The egg is released from the womb
  • The egg returns to the ovaries


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