The life cycle of stars

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1. What makes red giants and red super giants red?

  • They become red because their surface cools
  • They become red because their surface heats up
  • They become red because too much nuclear fusion is taking place
  • The sun
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2. Nuclear fusion is...?

  • The fusion of nuclear weapons
  • The joining of small atomic nuclei
  • Helium nuclei joining to form hydrogn nuclei
  • Hydrogen and helium nuclei forming

3. When red giants become unstable they release their outer layers as a...?

  • Hydrogen nebula
  • Planetary nebula
  • Purple nebula
  • Dust and gas nebula

4. Why are main sequence stars stable?

  • The inward force of gravity is balanced by the outward pressure from the heat thats formed by fusion
  • The conditions in space (eg. heat and light)
  • The inward force of the heat from fusion is balanced by the outward force of gravity
  • There are no forces in main sequence stars, which makes them stable.

5. White dwarfs are...?

  • Hot cores
  • White
  • Hot, dense,and solid cores
  • Cool, dense, and solid cores


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