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2. How was Chinese Slavery viewed?

  • it was the best thing that could happen to the slaves.
  • really well, the British needed the extra work force
  • very badly the whole empire was scared and protested
  • people treated the slaves badly and told them it was there fault and to get over it

3. Who was the leader of the Conservative party in 1906?

  • Lord Salisbury
  • Balfour
  • Churchill
  • Campbell-Bannerman

4. What did the general public want most in 1906?

  • Better weather
  • Social reform
  • Tarriff Reform
  • Irish Home Rule.

5. What was the Liberals new BIG idea in 1906

  • use the Conservatives policies
  • grant the Irish Home Rule
  • New liberalism
  • Galdstonial Liberalism


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