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2. What was Tarriff Reform?

  • A reform that would benefit the poor
  • A reform that would increase the amount of children in education
  • A proposed tax on imported goods
  • the price to pay for a reform

3. Who did Arthur Balfour owe his position too?

  • Lady Ninian Crichton-Stuart
  • Lord Salisbury
  • Lou Costello
  • George Sanders

4. What was the licensing act 1904?

  • to licence the amount of alcohol that can be stored in a public house
  • it closed down public houses in some areas
  • you were not allowed to drink in public houses
  • you couldn't smoke in public houses

5. Who was the leader of the Conservative party in 1906?

  • Balfour
  • Campbell-Bannerman
  • Churchill
  • Lord Salisbury


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