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2. What was Chinese slavery?

  • Chinese men were brought over to the UK and were butlers for the aristocrats. They had little to no pay
  • Chinese women were brought over to the UK to become prostitutes because of an influx in the population of China.
  • Chinese slaves were taken to south Africa and forced to work for little money
  • People from the UK were taken over to China to work as slaves to help create Allies for Britain and make more jobs.

3. Who was the Liberal leader in 1906?

  • Herbet Asquith
  • Henry Campbell Bannerman
  • David Lloyd George
  • Nick Clegg

4. What was the licensing act 1904?

  • it closed down public houses in some areas
  • you couldn't smoke in public houses
  • you were not allowed to drink in public houses
  • to licence the amount of alcohol that can be stored in a public house

5. What did the Labour Party join to help the Liberals win the election?

  • The Working men club
  • The British Aristocrats Club
  • The Lib-Lab pact
  • The Liberal Party


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