The Liberal Government 1906-1914

  • Gladstonian Liberalism
  • New Liberalism
  • New Liberals
  • Liberal Reforms
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1. What occupation did the 2 hobbs have?

  • economist, socioligist
  • Chef, Landlord
  • biologist, psychologist
  • politician, banker
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2. Which act improved food and accommodation for merchant shipmen

  • Workmen's compensation Act
  • Merchant Shipping Act
  • National Insurance Act
  • Trade Boards Act

3. What were Gladstone's liberal beliefs?

  • There is one supreme race and all others are inferior
  • The working class needed representation and support in education, employment and social aspects of life
  • Free Trade, Laissez Faire, self help, freedom of the individual
  • Help out your peers, everyone is equal, no person should earn more money than their neighbour

4. Which two acts were brought in under Campbell Bannerman's rule?

  • National Insurance (Unemployment), Workmen's compensation
  • Education Act (Meals) Education Act (Medical Inspection)
  • Trade Boards & Labour exchanges
  • Children & Other legislation, National Insurance (Sickness)

5. Which Liberal act was brought in, in 1909 and set up places where workers could go and meet employees and get jobs?

  • National Insurance Act
  • Shops Act
  • Labour Exchange Act
  • Trade Boards Act


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