The Liberal Government 1906-1914

  • Gladstonian Liberalism
  • New Liberalism
  • New Liberals
  • Liberal Reforms
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1. Why was little reform done between 1906 & 1908

  • The Conservatives stopped and blocked reforms from being passed because they didn't believe it was needed.
  • Campbell Bannerman was very Lazy
  • Campbell Bannerman didn't believe in new Liberal ideas and still supported Gladstone's laissez faire Approach
  • The Liberal party had made promises they couldn't keep due to the fact they didn't have enough money due to Gladstone's expenses.
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2. What did the two national insurance give money out for?

  • poor housing and unemployment
  • unemployment and sickness
  • long hours and poor food
  • injury and pregnancy

3. Which Liberal act was brought in, in 1909 and set up places where workers could go and meet employees and get jobs?

  • Shops Act
  • Labour Exchange Act
  • National Insurance Act
  • Trade Boards Act

4. When was the coal mines act modified?

  • 1914
  • 1911
  • 1913
  • 1912

5. Who were the leading thinkers behind new liberalism?

  • the three Glovers
  • the three Kitcheners
  • The two Hobbs
  • the four Doors


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