The Liberal Government 1906-1914

  • Gladstonian Liberalism
  • New Liberalism
  • New Liberals
  • Liberal Reforms
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1. What were Gladstone's liberal beliefs?

  • There is one supreme race and all others are inferior
  • The working class needed representation and support in education, employment and social aspects of life
  • Free Trade, Laissez Faire, self help, freedom of the individual
  • Help out your peers, everyone is equal, no person should earn more money than their neighbour
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2. What were the New Liberalism beliefs?

  • peace, retrenchment, reform
  • work hard, play harder
  • eat, sleep, rave, repeat
  • get a job, get money, pay tax, we intorduce reforms, you get a better job, get more money pay more tax, have a better country

3. Which Liberal act was brought in, in 1909 and set up places where workers could go and meet employees and get jobs?

  • Labour Exchange Act
  • Trade Boards Act
  • National Insurance Act
  • Shops Act

4. Why was little reform done between 1906 & 1908

  • Campbell Bannerman didn't believe in new Liberal ideas and still supported Gladstone's laissez faire Approach
  • Campbell Bannerman was very Lazy
  • The Liberal party had made promises they couldn't keep due to the fact they didn't have enough money due to Gladstone's expenses.
  • The Conservatives stopped and blocked reforms from being passed because they didn't believe it was needed.

5. Why did the working classes vote for the Liberal party and Not the Conservatives in 1906?

  • The liberals advocated social reform
  • The Liberal party supported the upper classes
  • They just did not like the conservatives
  • The Conservatives always made promises they couldn't keep


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