The Legislative Assembly - French Revolution

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1. Who could not be elected into the Legislative Assembly?

  • Previous members of the National Assembly
  • Supporters of the Jacobin Club
  • Previous members of the Constitutional Assembly
  • Previous members of the National Guard
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2. Who was one of few Nationally known members of the Legislative Assembly?

  • Lafayette (a general)
  • Marat (a journalist)
  • Brissot (a journalist)
  • Robespierre (a politician and lawyer)

3. Which group did most of the Legislative Assembly join?

  • The Feuillant Club
  • The National Guard
  • The Jacobin Club
  • The Sans Culottes

4. What political stance did most members of the Legislative Assembly have?

  • Anarchist
  • Pro-monarchism
  • Republican
  • Neutrality

5. Who created the Legislative Assembly?

  • The Feuillants and the Jacobin Club
  • The National Assembly
  • The Constituent Assembly
  • Louis XVI


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