The Lac Operon (OCR F215)

10 questions on the Lac Operon from the OCR Spec. 

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1. The regulatory gene (I) is responsible for what?

  • Produce repressor protein
  • Code for lac enzymes
  • Bind to RNA polymerase
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2. What part of the lac operon is responsible for binding to RNA polymerase and beginning the transcription?

  • Promoter (P)
  • Regulator (I)
  • Operator (O)

3. The Z gene codes for what enzyme?

  • B-galactosidase
  • Glucose
  • Lactose-Permease
  • RNA polymerase

4. The Y gene codes for what enzyme?

  • Lactose-Permease
  • Glucose
  • RNA polymerase
  • B-galactosidase

5. Z and Y are what type of gene?

  • Structural genes
  • Control Sites




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Oh my goodness, 100% I thought i was awful at the Lac operon :P

Great quiz :)



Ten straightforward questions on the Lac operon which could be used to test yourself after revising this part of the specification.  Team this up with a good annotated diagram of the operon and learn the key alleles involved in this system or use it to make a timeline or flow diagram of the steps involved.

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